Track battery usage, improve cell efficiency and provide the ability to diagnose & repair problems quickly and easily

Modular Battery System
TYRO PCS - Modular Battery - Coming spring 2019

The Number One Benefit:
It reduces the cost of ownership over the lifetime of an LEV lithium battery for OEM manufacturers, EBike dealers and End-users

By tracking battery usage, improving cell efficiency and providing the ability to diagnose & repair problems quickly and easily

The Problem:
For Ebike Dealers and End-Users a lithium battery is a monolithic black box made up of components that few understand. Most come with a seal that if broken voids the battery’s warranty. They contain a myriad number of cells and wires connected to a complex looking BMS board. They must be shipped complying with the expensive class #9 Hazmat regulations.

The TYRO PCS Solution:
A system of replaceable Lithium-ion battery power modules connected to a smart management module to form a higher power battery pack

The Battery Power Module (BPM):
The 6V 12Ah Battery Power Module is the basic building block. Multiple modules can be linked together with a special harness in series to form higher power battey packs.

  • 4 modules = 24 volts
  • 6 modules = 36 volts
  • 8 modules = 48 volts

The BPM Micro Processor :
Each BPM has its own microprossor that independently monitors and records critical information about cell performance and controls balancing, over/under voltage protection and temperature Limit Enforcement. It permanently stores in its flash memory the module's unique identification tracking number, initial test result data, number of charge cycles, voltage extremes and power usage.

The Smart Management Module (SMM) :
All the modules are connected in series to an SMM. The SMM maintains two way communication with the power modules through data wires that daisy chain from one module to the next. It directs power to the motor controller and contains a USB software interface and a charger plug.

The SMM Micro Processor:
The SMM has its own microprocessor that stores and processes information it receives from the modules. It dynamically modifies the power modules, modifies the current limits when power modules are added or removed and manages battery cells of mixed ages and/or capacity. It identifies failed modules that need replacement.

Different Levels of Charge Control :
The SMM has its own software controlled DC to DC converter. It can provide the low current needed to bring a dead battery back up to its normal charge level. It can vary the finish voltage to extend cycle life. It needs only a 48v charger to charge a 24v, 36v, or 48v BPM configuration.

The SMM Software Interface :
The SMM Communicates via USB or Bluetooth with a software app on a PC or iPhone and graphically provides state of health (SOH) info about individual modules and the entire battery pack. It has graphic controls for setting charge and discharge limits for extending cycle life, and for reconfiguring the voltage of the entire pack when modules are added or removed.

Free of Hazmat Shipping Costs :
Small batteries do not require Class #9 Hazmat shipping if: Individual cells are less than 20 Wh, BPM cells are 19.2 Wh; The total Equivalent Lithium Content (ELC) is less than 8 g, BPM ELC = 7.2 g; The total Wh capacity is less than 100 Wh, BPM = 76.8 Wh. The TYRO PCS BMP is below all the required values for Class #9 Hazmat shipping. Up to 25 modules may be shipped in a single overpack without Hazmat fees. Sturdy packaging and special labeling are still required.

So… What Do We Have? :

  • A series of Power Modules (BPMs)
  • A Smart Management Module (SMM)
  • Communication of the State of Health (SOH) graphically via iPhone or PC
  • Ability to make configuration changes
  • Ability to diagnose problems quickly
  • A modularized battery that can be easily repaired

What Do We Know? :

  • For most dealers and end-users Li batteries are
    • monolithic black boxes providing little or no information about SOH
    • difficult and expensive to repair
    • expensive to upgrade
    • require costly Hazmat shipping

  • The TYRO PCS battery is
    • a modular system that can be configured into different size batteries
    • able to provide lots of information about itself, including SOH
    • easily repaired by dealers and end-users by replacing a failed module with a new one
    • designed so that costly Hazmat shipping is not required