From concept, to prototype, to volume production, TYRO can help you every step of the way
We can help you build what you need from ground up.
  • Cost Reduction
  • System Quality
  • Project Management
  • Obsolescence
  • Redesign
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Simulation
  • Manufacturing
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  • Supply management
  • Process Improvement
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Integrated Systems for Light Electric Vehicles.
  • System Requirement Elicitation and Development
  • Delegation of System Requirements to hardware and software
  • Motor Sizing and Motor Parameter Characterization
  • Power Supply Sizing
  • Control Loop Design, Simulation, and Tuning
  • System Simulation of product and environment

A Light Electric Vehicle requires a coordinated selection of parts that work together to provide a desired user experience.

LEV development begins with a motor selection that meets power levels and speed required by law. A battery is selected for the desired power and range and a controller design is chosen that provides for both a correct interface and smooth ride.

TYRO PCS system design is here to help you Turn Your Ride On and enjoy your Electric Vehicle!

From Concept, to Prototype, to Volume Production.
  • Product Designs
  • Hardware Design Services

The software and hardware professionals at TYRO PCS can help make your product ideas become a reality.

Whether your project requires metal or plastic work, we can use our leading edge CAD systems to create the 3D models needed to guide the machine tools that make or mold your finished parts.

Working together with one of our manufacturing partners, we can have your product built for every volume level.

From concept, to prototype, to volume production, TYRO PCS can help you every step of the way.

Our Software Engineers can design what you need.
  • Real-time Embedded Software
  • Motor Control Algorithms
  • Supply Control Algorithms
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Control Systems
  • Integrate instrumentation
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • PC Apps
  • Operating Systems
  • Communication Protocols
  • Software Services

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